Veentstra + Lloyd’s now Offers

Home Sprinkler Systems

Veentstra + Lloyd’s now Offers

Home Sprinkler Systems

Veentstra + Lloyd’s now Offers

Home Sprinkler Systems

Veenstra + Lloyd’s Welcomes Green Acres Irrigation & Lighting

Since 2006, Green Acres Irrigation has been providing quality irrigation and outdoor lighting services to Prince Edward County, Kingston, Belleville, Cobourg and the surrounding area. 

At Veenstra + Lloyd’s, we’re proud to welcome the irrigation and outdoor lighting professionals at Green Acres to our team. We’re confident that our combined team will provide our customers with the same great service that they’ve come to expect, but now with the convenience of an expanded list of available services. We’ve also introduced new service plans that will simplify your home maintenance and save you money!

Irrigation SYSTEMS 

Installation | Service | Repair

Explore the convenience and efficiency of irrigation systems, also known as sprinkler systems, for your landscape. Save time, conserve water, and maintain lush, healthy plants with automated irrigation tailored to your needs


Interested in Irrigation and
Lighting for your property?
Call us for a site visit, and
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We perform the required
maintenance for irrigation
equipment, as well as open
and close your system.


Enhance your home’s
appearance and improve
visibility with our outdoor
lighting expertise..

Why Get A Sprinkler System?

✓ Efficiency: Irrigation systems deliver water directly to plants’ roots, minimizing wastage through evaporation and runoff.

✓ Water Conservation: By providing targeted watering, irrigation systems help conserve water compared to manual methods like hoses.

Time Savings: Automated irrigation systems save time by eliminating the need for manual watering, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

✓ Customization: Irrigation systems can be tailored to suit your landscape’s specific needs, including different zones for various plant types or soil conditions.

✓ Property Value: Well-maintained landscapes with efficient irrigation systems can increase the value and curb appeal of your property.

✓ Environmental Benefits: By using water more efficiently and reducing runoff, irrigation systems contribute to environmental sustainability.

Additional Services

We offer a wide range of labour services to help get jobs done around your home, AirBnBs, or local business

✓ Water Treatment

✓ Wells & Septic

✓ Landscape Lighting

✓ Heat Pumps

✓ Geo-Thermal

✓ Fireplaces

✓ Junk Removal

✓ Service Plans *NEW*

✓ Renovation Tear-Down

✓ Septic Risers and Lids

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Green Acres is proud to be part of the Veenstra + Lloyd’s team; serving the community for over 60 years.